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Placement Process

Let us walk you through the Placement Process! This is our tactic on finding you that Gold Standard Nanny!

OUR Process

Family Consult

This is where we get to know your families needs through our free intake form and phone consult. We focus on weekly schedules, job responsibilities, childcare philosophies, personal and professional qualities. 


We do require a Search Fee ($300), the Client Service Agreement and Family Intake Form to be filled out and submitted before we start the searching process. Once those have been submitted. We will perfect your Family Profile and advertise your job description over various platforms.  


We will send you pre-screened Nanny Profiles in which you can view to decide which candidates fit your needs the best. From there we will schedule a time and date for an in-home interview. After the interview we will check in with you and the candidate for feedback to determine the next steps.


The next step will be putting together a formal offer/work agreement of employment! This helps you and your future nanny know the job responsibilities (both nanny and family), pay, hours, and any other last minute details.


We provide ongoing support and help through the Placement Process and beyond. We are here for any questions or concerns. As well as the logistics in finding childcare resources and activities.

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Ready To Get Started?

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