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Why Choose The Gold Standard?

We focus on setting nannies up with the perfect career family. As a nanny myself, I understand the struggle in finding a family that appreciates you and is grateful to have you. That is our goal. To provide nannies with families that value, appreciate, support, and respect them. We want you to love your work and family because you make a difference.

Nanny Benefits

Support 24/7 (through your job search and after) 

Ability To Earn Extra (we handle pay raise options)

Connected with our nanny community (network group and social gatherings)


We appreciate, respect, help and care about you (we are your advocates and support group)


Opportunity to grow (with our monthly, educational meetings)


Free Trauma Training Course


Incentive's (we reward our professional nannies for their commitment and dedication to their families)

We meet via FaceTime or Google Meet in order to get to know you more and for your convenience

Competitive Compensation (we handle all the negotiations when it comes to your pay)

No COST to you to be a part of our team

Professional Representation (we create a professional, tailored Nanny Profile for you)

Access to amazing families

We help set you up for success (we will answer any questions you may have, prepare you for interviews, and take your needs into consideration)

We help families with nanny taxes and legal advice to ensure that you are treated professionally

Post Interview feedback to help you learn and grow

We schedule and coordinate your interviews, plus your working interview

Volunteer Opportunity for Foster Family RespitCare Events!

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Ready To Get Started?

Please be sure you have met all the qualifications. As well as include which job you are interested in the application.

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