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No matter what part of the nation you may be in, The Gold Standard is here to assist you and your family. Do not settle for less when it comes to your children.

Full-Time & Part-Time

  • A Full-Time Nanny typically works 25 hours or more per week.

  • A Part-Time Nanny typically works 25 hours or less per week.

  • We also cater to:

    • Live-In Nannies, 

    • Nanny Shares (2 or more families hiring a nanny),

    • Personal Assistants,

    • Mothers Helpers,

    • Company Nannies (we work with companies in the area to provide in-company childcare)

    • Infant/Newborn Specialists


  • Our goal is to work alongside amazing companies whose main focus is to help children, at an early age on up, to have a fun, well-rounded education.

  • The Gold Standard is constantly growing! With new home school companies/school systems and preschool education companies. We will always inform our families and nannies who have a membership with The Gold Standard of new companies and education opportunities.

  • Our nannies are and will be educated on each curriculum you pick to make sure they can use the curriculum fully and correctly.

Nanny Education/Training

  • When we work with Nannies, we don't place them with your family and only hope for the best. With the The Gold Standard system, we make sure our Nannies get continued education each month. Whether it be nutrition & health, curriculum, seasonal activities, or questions and answers.

  • We require all of our nannies to attend these monthly training's. It is extremely important for all of us to grow, learn and achieve the best!


  • Before starting The Gold Standard, my main focus in life was to help whoever needs it. That is my continual desire. So I told myself that I want to be able to form a company that not only grows and helps children, but one that also gives back to the community. We are a company that gives back to children and families in need. These are trying times on all of us. Let us all help one another.

  • We are a Foster Friendly Business! A portion of every Placement Fee processed is donated to America's Kids Belong!

  • Throughout the year we do accept donations to collect and give to families and children centers.

  • Let us know if you have any need in YOUR community! We would love to help and bring the community together!


When it comes to your children, we make sure they are top priority and safe. We do not just hire anybody. We employ nannies who go through:

  • An extensive background check, including driving records, SSN Trace, Sex Offender Search, Local and National Search, etc.

  • Infant-Adult CPR & First Aid 

  • Distracted Driving Agreement Signed by Nannies/Babysitters

  • Up to Date with TDAP records (especially when caring for newborns and babies)

We ask our nannies, tutors,  and other businesses to be respectful of your house rules.

Childhood Education

  • When you hire one of our nannies, you are hiring a teacher, tutor and nurturer. We provide nannies who will have a motivation to educate your children with age appropriate curriculum and activities.

  • We live in a time now where children of all ages have to do virtual schooling. We understand that parents have run into the problem of who will watch and help their child succeed when they have to work. 

  • At The Gold Standard we are here to provide you with that help and ease of mind. Whether you need curriculum, a homeschool teacher, tutor, or someone amazing, Mary Poppins, to help your child(ren) with current schooling, we have them here!


  • We are here to do the work for you! To not stress about researching and trying to find a tutor, teams, libraries, children, activities, training your own nanny or finding them, etc.  

  • Our services are but not limited to:

    • Babysitters

    • Vacation/AirBnB/Hotel Nannies - visitors to Nashville or cities in which we are located in, we have on-call nannies or babysitters for those nights you want to go out and explore the city. 

    • Event Nannies/Babysitters

    • Tutors

    • Foreign Language Teachers

    • Music and Art Teachers

    • Local sports teams and coaches

    • Local children related activities

    • Early Education Curriculum

    • Home school options

Let's raise the standard when it comes to your children!

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