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Nanny Hiring Process

We are dedicated to represent only the best and to help find each qualified nanny or babysitter the right fit. We only represent nannies with outstanding references, work ethic, have a desire to teach and work with children. We want to know you so that we can find the perfect job.

Nanny Process


Once you fill out our in-depth application. We have each candidate go through a rigorous screening process. We access your childcare philosophies, experience and personality. After reviewing your application with your resume and a proper review over social media/online presence. We then schedule a time to meet face-to-face or via Video Call (out of state candidates)  to determine being a potential candidate to represent The Gold Standard!


We start to match you with positions based upon you and the families criteria. Once we have found a potential position, we submit your nanny profile for the family to review.


During the interview we go more in-depth about your childcare experience, philosophies motivations, professionalism, and ethics. We also want to know about your needs as a nanny in search of a nanny family. After a successful interview, we continue with checking your references to confirm you are just as amazing as we know you are! This also includes an extensive background check. Once all is confirmed and passed, we start to personalize your very own nanny profile! Now your journey begins!


We will help by walking you trough the hiring process. The Gold Standard will negotiate your nanny work agreement (salary, hours, holidays, defining terms, etc.). We ensure that you get the best package possible and you are taken care of!

Family Interviews

When a family has reached out to interview you, we will coordinate and schedule each interview. We will also give you some helpful tips for success in your interview! Some interviews may be face-to-face and some will be paid working interviews. This helps you get acquainted with the family dynamic and child(ren). After your interview(s) we will always check back up with you and the family for feedback!


The Gold Standard is a community, not 'JUST' a placement agency. We will always be here to support, encourage and help you excel! We provide nannies with resources that will help them flourish, grow and stay educated on child related topics, plus curriculum. As well as resources for every day life! We keep you informed on all of our exclusive events for The Gold Standard Nannies! Congratulations and Welcome! 

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Ready To Get Started?

Please be sure you have met all the qualifications. As well as include which job you are interested in the application.

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