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Welcome to the Nanny Agency!

Updated: Jan 25

Hi Families and Nannies!

Family walking on the beach.

Welcome! My name is Kourtney B. and I am the founder of The Gold Standard Nanny Agency. I have always had a vision to help people. Whether it is volunteer work, guidance, encouragement, mission work, etc... The desire to help has always been in my heart.

A little bit about me. I lived in Missouri most of my life (born in Nebraska though). I love horses! I used to train and show them in Equestrian Hunter/Jumper. It was a passion of mine. Never had I thought that my passion would change to teaching children until I moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I transferred schools and ended up becoming a Teacher at the end of my schooling. I absolutely loved it and still do!

Through that time of teaching, I went on mission trips. My first trip was a week in Honduras and my second was a MONTH in Mozambique, Africa. Both places I taught children. In Africa I taught and counseled children and their mother's in villages. I even taught them how to cook different meals over the fire. It was an amazing experience! I was sad to leave the kids because they had grown on me. We played games, danced and ate together. Some I held in my arms and hugged because that is what they needed since there parents were not around much to do that. They taught me about their life and without teaching me, they taught me to be thankful. To this day, I still tear up thinking about them.

Kourtney in Africa with a child.

Children from Africa

After working in Childcare for 5 + years I decided to move to Tennessee for an opportunity. While I was a teacher, I noticed I was getting burnt out quickly. I was 1 Teacher among 14 or more children that were 3-4 years old. I felt terrible because I knew some kids needed more one-on-one time in which I could not give them. Due to not much help and too many kids. I thought that there needs to be a change. There has to be something out there in which I can still teach children but supply children with more one-on-one time.

It wasn't until I moved up to Tennessee that I found a position as a Full-Time Nanny. I loved my position and I knew this was my niche. It wasn't until I was a Nanny that I thought about the nanny agency system. Of how I struggled in switching being a teacher to a nanny, but not having guidance. Also, not having a support group or community of nannies to hang out with or talk to. I want to change that!

Time passed and I found another position with a wonderful family. In whom I am still working for as a Nanny. They are honestly like family to me! With my time with them I have become a Home-school Teacher (vetting out each childcare curriculum we have come across), an assistant, organizer and so much more. I have talked to numerous parents in our community, as well as my Nanny Family, discussing their needs and wants when it comes to childcare, nanny, and nanny agency. Through this process my Nanny family has supported me and my dream to raise the standard in childcare.

The Gold Standard Nanny Agency is designed to help families find a nanny that fits their needs and wants. The GOLDEN Nanny. Not only to just provide a nanny, but as well as curriculum, activities, private tutors, on-call support, nanny education and nutrition, babysitting, vacation sitters, etc... The Gold Standard is here to cater to the Families needs so that they do not have to worry about finding a nanny, tutor, curriculum, private music teacher, etc... upon their busy schedule. We are also here to help the nannies grow and become the BEST nanny for their families. The Gold Standard is here to support, guide, teach, and help grow each nanny we place.


Child with red bow waiting for her nanny.

Let's work together and raise the standard!

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We look forward in hearing from you!

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