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What Is A Nanny Share?

Updated: Jan 25

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Do you know of a child care system that is lower cost, personalized care for your children, and more individualized attention for your kids? Have you heard of Nanny Shares and how beneficial they are?! Let's talk about it!

What is a Nanny Share?

A Nanny Share is when 2(two) or more families share and split the expenses of 1(one) Nanny to care for their children. The families and nanny can decide if they want a single location (whichever house is preferred by the parents) for the nanny to watch, care and nurture the children OR the nanny divides her time between the 2(two) or more families (Example: One family wants the nanny at their place Monday, Wednesday and Friday. While the second family wants the nanny at their house Tuesday and Thursday). A Nanny Share not only provides the nanny with additional income, but it also provides numerous benefits of a full-time nanny to the family.

Here are some of the benefits:

🔸 Financial Aspect - As we all know, Day cares and hiring individual Nannies is expensive. With a Nanny Share, the families share the cost of the Nannie's hourly rate. It is one of the BEST ways to afford child care.

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  • The average annual cost of a daycare in Nashville, TN (this also depends on private, public, and location) is between $7,500-8,500+ (costs can go up in regards to infant care). Per month a family is looking at $700-$800+ for just one child. In the U.S. the average cost of a center based daycare is more than $11,000 annually and in some states closer to $20,000.

  • As for Nanny Shares it depends upon the range you and the family or families have discussed. An average nanny in Nashville, TN is around $20-$30+ an hour. This is depending upon experience, education, duties, location, number of children (after 2 children it is recommended to raise the price $1-$3 per child added), and infant care (with infant care the price does tend to go up). This does not include overtime which is a time-and-a -half for hours worked past 40 hours.

🔸 Individual Attention - This means MORE one-on-one time each child will receive. It is a more intimate, personalized learning environment than at daycare centers where it's numerous children among 1-2 teachers. This individual attention also helps with close supervision over your child(ren). You can advise the nanny on how you would like your child to be looked after in regards to meals, nap time, activities, discipline, screen time, activities, educational curriculum (which The Gold Standard supplies), learning methods, outdoor time, library time, field trips, and so much more.

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- As a note and recommendation, you will want to find a Nanny Share family that has the same values, styles, and similarities in these categories. This is of course if the nanny is watching both families children at the same time and not splitting her time between the two families houses.

🔸 Socialization - This is an important aspect that parents want for their children. With a Nanny Share the parents and children are getting the best of both worlds! Not only will your child get more attention than a daycare center. They will also receive benefits of socialization with the other kids involved in the Nanny Share!

- Side note and recommendation, you will want another Nanny Share family to have the same age range as your child(ren). This is so that they can progress together. Also, if the two or more families do not know each other very well, we recommend that they have play dates before doing a nanny Share. This is so the families can see how their children act with each other. making sure it is a good fit for them.

🔸 Flexibility - Instead of being dictated by a daycare on the hours, holidays, food, nap time, location, education, etc... With a Nanny Share, you get to decide the location, education, snacks, hours and more. You and the other families get to make your own rules. You get more flexibility, which equals less stress for you and the family or families you are sharing a nanny with.

- Make sure you and the other families are on the same page. As well as your nanny. Clear communication is key with both the families and nanny.

🔸 Your child(ren) will most likely get sick less often - In the daycare centers germs are very prevalent because it a large amount of children within one center. Some come into the center already sick, which raises the probability of your child(ren) getting sick. Which also means you missing work to stay at home with your sick child(ren). It becomes a Trickle-Down Effect.

- With a Nanny Share, your child(ren) will be around less children, which decreases the probability of them getting sick.

Next Steps

  1. You will want to find a suitable, compatible family (or two) in which you and your child(ren) connect with. Some find each other over social media platforms, social events or have a friend or family in search of a Nanny Share opportunity.

  2. You will want to find a well qualified nanny who meets the families needs. This may seem daunting, but that is why we, The Gold Standard, are here. We help personalize your family/families profile by asking specific question on what you are all looking for in a nanny.

  3. The Gold Standard helps with determining the day-to-day logistics between you, the other family or families and the nanny before the nanny starts. For example: who hosts, hourly pay for nanny (don't forget about nanny taxes), days and hours the nanny is needed, food recommendations, activities and curriculum wanting to be used, screen time, holidays, sick days for both the children and nanny, paid time off for the nanny, and more.

Moving Forward

If you are looking for a personalized, cost effective, flexible childcare, Nanny Share is worth considering. The Gold Standard is here to help you work out each of the families needs, wants and logistics in regards to working together and finding a well-qualified, nurturing, educated nanny. As well as any other need the families may have. Such as, but not limited to: outdoor activities, age appropriate curriculum, private tutors (music, foreign language, etc...), swim lessons in the area and so much more.


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